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Jason, MN, USA
August 2015

It was never explained, but me and my mom went on a trip to my grandma’s house to spend the Christmas. As we were driving I see a lot of locations and beautiful sights.

My mom turns up the radio too her favorite song. I didn’t usually like the upturned pop songs that overloaded a beat. But my momDidn’t care about that she just cared that her favorite song was playing. She would taunt me about how I disliked what she liked.

She tells me, we have to stop for gas. I get out of the car to go get a bag of lays, and a little water for my mom. I get in the gas station to get it, but the employee yells. "Stores closed please come back tomorrow." "Ok."

My mom looks straight at me when I come out of the store with nothing. My looks are not to good as well. My mom sprites her eyebrows. I walk over to my mom with the words, "The store is closed." "Why would it be closed this early. You know that’s ridiculous."

We get back in the car and were very close to my grandmas.My moms phone goes off like a track runner on a spring. She picks up to get the following. Just breathing. My mom just hangs up immediately with no words and her face in shock.

We start driving into my grandma’s rocky road. Her rocky road was very long and that’s what I didn’t like about my grandma’s house. It started off so creepy. There was this one time where she told us that a guy named george who lived in the basement. That terrible folklore kept me up at night. She did stop tho because she would start saying the same things. Mom interdicted me to a board but I forgot what it was called. It was overall a house of horror from folklore.

We pull into my grandma’s grassy driveway. My mom starts to jitter in excitement well I sit in the back with no jitters. There was really nothing new about Christmas at grandmas. As I get out I see a bee. I completely remember there was so many bugs and I hated bugs so much.

Me and my mom go to the door to open it, we see our grandma, she jitters in excitement, "I haven’t seen you darlin in years." My grandma says. "Jimmy was real excited to see you but he couldn’t due to him being sick." My grandma walks back in and says, "don’t just stand there come in." I come in to the smell of a rat and vinegar.

The house was being redone but the downstairs wasn’t because they had finished recently. I go to our room, I find that my surroundings weren’t the same. There was no TV or phone.

A window had a crack that you can slip through which did give more of why they are redoing the house. Mom comes in with creeks on the floor. Mom says, "where did everything go. You know, all the dolls and the TV?" I say, "I do not know, when I came in everything was gone." It was a weird ocurrence, so I just jumped in bed after that long road trip.

"Wake up, wake up." "What what what." There was a voice that filled the room. My mom was still sleeping well this was happening. And then another, "wake up." I get out of the bed with a want to know where these whispers are coming from. I go to the living room. "Common just walk towards the stairs to down." Ok if there’s one thing I learned its that this is a dream but that was completely not true when I saw a man who had a child right next to him.

His face was grim with a deformed arm that was very skinny. "You have to come downstairs."

I should have responded sooner. My feet immediately start running. The deformed father walks slowly towards me. As he gets closer I get farther. Clash, I fall down the stairs. "Ahhhh. Ow."

I was in a lot of pain cause the stairs were long and had spikes that poked out. I still had to get away from that deformity. He starts walking down the stairs. His green skin starts to get into a dark yellow. "Get away from me!" He just keeps walking. I get up but then crash into the chess table. His kid starts skipping towards the TV.

"Daddy George, mommy is right there." George is the guy who was downstairs all the time. His mom did not look to good either. Then a sudden disappearance happens to them and the TV was still on.

I go up to my bed and I couldn’t sleep. There was so many questions. Was that real. It was not a fun night and it’s a night that will never go.

Jason, MN, USA
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