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German Soldier

Anonymous, Scotland
June 2012

I am a ex British soldier and at one stage served in Munster, Germany.

The base I am on was a old German SS camp used back in WWII but when the British invaded they took it for themselves. The bulidings had not changed over the years it was still the same layout and structural bearing, even to the point where the old gun racks where still on the walls of most buildings.

One night I was sleeping and I woke up about 12:55 am, my back was turned in my bed and I was facing the window. As I rubbed my eyes I noticed that there was a rather bright light in the room but at that moment in time I thought it was my phone charger giving off a glow, which it did.

I turned over in my bed to look in the direction of the light and there standing just next to my door was a man. He was about 6'2", large build. I couldn't see his feet or as far as his knee area. I could see his back but not his hips. I could make out a helmet on his head and half of his face. This man looked at me and smiled then walked in to my door and was gone. It lasted about 10 seconds. I told no one of this. No one.

The next night I was in the mess talking to some friends of mine and I got on to the subject of ghosts. A friend had asked me if I had ever seen one. I said, "Have you?"

He said, "Yes I have."

He had seen the exact same thing the week before. but in more detail. His room was directly above mine.

If any one reading this has seen anything like this or can shed some light on it it would be nice to hear.

Many thanks.

Anonymous, Scotland
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