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Get Off My Grave

Tabitha, New Brunswick, Canada
June 2005

Near my house, in which I have lived in for 27 years (also my age), there is a graveyard. Growing up near this graveyard I have heard and experienced a few hauntings myself. I have also done an After Dark Ghost Tour in there as well, and hope to do more. Here is one of my stories, that I actually experienced.

About 12 years ago, a young fellow from school decided to have his birthday bash in the cemetery. There is a circle formation of big stones in one section up on a hill, which is a family plot. This is where the people gathered for the party. Well, some friends and I decided to walk in and check out the party late that night.

At one point during the party, I had decided to sit beside a friend on one of the big stones. We were chatting away when I felt a thumping from under me. I kinda shrugged it off and kept chatting. About 5 minutes later I felt it yet again. This time I looked around to see if someone was kicking the stones. But, there was no one near us, they had moved off in another direction. I continued to chat, when I felt it a third time, even harder than the first two times. Well, that did it for me, I got off that stone, and told my friends it was time to go.

The next day, we had found out that the police had busted the party and had even used salt guns on people. I am not sure if it was a warning, if it was the person at rest telling me to get off their grave, or if it was my imagination. Whatever it was, I know what I felt, and it was creepy enough to get me moving, and thank heaven for that or I would have been there when the police raided the outdoor party.

Tabitha, New Brunswick, Canada
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