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Gettysburg Ghosts

Leah, MD, USA
October 2004

This is my first story ever submitted to this site. It is about the most recent experience that I have had with the paranormal. I personally believe that I may have a certain connection with the "otherworld", as I call it. All through my life I have been able to "feel" things around me and even sometimes hear voices speaking to me in my head, but I have seen very little personally. This story is about one of the few things I have actually been able to see.

This happened about two years ago, a friend of mine came over to me and my boyfriend's apartment and suggested out of the blue that we take a trip to Gettysburg, which is about forty or so minutes from our home. Always up for a little trip, we piled in the car and began our journey. Since we were going during the day I had not expected to see anything out of the ordinary, but we were all taken by surprise that day.

We spent about an hour fooling around on the large rock formation on the edge of the battlefield before we took to the battlefield itself. We wandered into the woods away from the many monuments, after a while. I am not sure exactly why we went out there but after winding along the twisty hike-paths our friend stopped. We asked him why he stopped and he told us there were some horses up ahead. This is not unusual in itself. I suppose people go riding up there occasionally. So we moved around and sure enough we could see the tops of the heads of two horses. Oddly, everything was silent. The horses appeared to be wearing bridles but we could not see the riders through the thick trees and brush. All we could hear was the wind around us. No voices, no calls from the horses, no footsteps, nothing.

We forgot about it and continued moving around. We did try to look for the horses and riders after a minute or so but they were gone. We moved to the spot where we had seen the horses the first time but nothing was there. We had not heard them move off. They were just gone! We all looked at each other and our friend and my boyfriend started to move back to the battlefield. I wanted to stay but our friend looked really spooked so we left. We tried to talk to him about what we saw but he insisted it was nothing. But I remember seeing those horses as clear and as lifelike as anything.

Leah, MD, USA
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