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Gettysburg Mist

June 2006

In the Summer of 2004 I went on a group trip to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. (Gettysburg is the location of a 3 day battle in the civil war).

During my trip I bought some books on hauntings in Gettysburg and became really interested in the Paranormal activity there.

On one of the nights we decided to go on a ghost story tour, we would travel at night and listen to ghost stories at different locations but not "hunting" for ghosts.
Towards the end of the tour we were at the edge of the guides range, right before all the battle fields and she began to tell another story. I was at the edge of the very large group and I couldn't hear her very well so I started to look towards the battlefields. As I looked towards Culps Hill (only a few yards away from us) I saw a blue mist float over the hill. I poked one of my companions for him to turn around and he saw it too. My brother who was with us as well didn't believe me and said I was seeing things. We were confused about what we just saw since it floated for about 10 seconds then disappeared. Even though we were on the road it couldn't have been headlights since the hill is parallel to the road and it was a straight road. Also it couldn't have been a flashlight by the blue-ness of it and the way it moved.
Soon after the trip it left my mind and I returned home.

A few weeks later I was watching a show on TV about Gettysburg and the Ghosts that haunt it and they mentioned the blue mist over Culps Hill. I was so startled and so was my brother who was sitting next to me watching it (he didn't believe me before). This was my only paranormal experience to date but it will remain in my memory forever.

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