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Ghost Arms Reaching For Me

Sonya Norris, Victoria, Australia
December 2008

I had recently left my job as was planning to move overseas with my partner. I was sitting on the edge of my bed one night sorting through personal belongings before the removalists came to pack up the house. It was late at night, my husband was already overseas preparing for our move. I was in a quiet contemplative mood as I was leaving my home and the city I had lived in and knew I would not be returning. I turned my head behind me and coming through the open door to the balcony was two arms reaching out to me. The arms looked long and slender and where a brown/grey colour. I jumped and looked at the open door again and saw nothing. I instantly thought it was my Nana who had died 4 months before reaching for me. I remember I burst into tears but went back on with what I was doing on the bed. I actually was not scared. I do not know if it is an image I configured in my head or was something reaching for me, I may have only have thought of my Nana because she had passed. But the image is still clear in my head after a year.

Sonya Norris, Victoria, Australia
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