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Ghost at a Bowls Club

Anonymous, Victoria, Australia
May 2015

Many years ago now while playing with my old bowls club in Victoria. While practicing on a mild Thursday early evening with no other people around I seen a figure in the clubhouse and did not really think much at the time. The figure was plain as day and the figure was about 5'8" dressed in bowls whites, hair was black, sort and well groomed. When I turned to pick up another bowl to play, the figure had gone and within a few seconds I walked up to the club rooms and unlocked the main door and announced myself with no response.

After checking all of the other doors where locked at the inside and one gate was also locked with the padlock facing inward. All of the windows where also locked from the inside and sound the hair on the back of my neck rise a little. A few minutes later I thought that I imagined the whole thing and shock it off as a long week at work.

When talking my Mother about the event she told me that the figure in the window was my Grand Father when she was young. I only knew my Grand Father as an old man with grey fading hair. The following Saturday at bowls Pennant the team I was skipping received a good win and at around the 12th end I felt a light tough on my right shoulder to tell me not to do the usual play and attempt the difficult shot and the play paid off. At the time I was using my Grand Father bowls. The light touch happened three other time during the day for the same reason and paid off. It does look like that my Grand Father was at the green and helping me out on the day.

Anonymous, Victoria, Australia
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