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Ghost at My Bedroom Door

Texas, USA
September 1998

Igrew up in an old two story house that my parents had moved onto some land they had bought. It was about seventy years old when they got it. We didn't know alot about the history of the house except that the people that owned it before us was named Fielder. We were always hearing noises in that house. You could be sitting downstairs in the kitchen and hear someone walking around upstairs. I don't mean just the settling sounds an old house makes but heel-toe steps across the floor. We would check the upstairs alot of the times but would never find anything but empty rooms. One night I had just gone to bed, I had been reading and had just turned out the light, when I felt like something was watching me. I turned towards the door and there was a man standing there. I couldn't make out his features, but I could see that he had on a wide brim hat and what looked like a duster coat. You know the kind the cowboys would wear on cattle drives. I lay there not moving, thinking that if he thought I was asleep he wouldn't hurt me. I don't know if I blinked or if he just disappeared but all of a sudden he was just gone. I lay there for awhile thinking maybe I just imagined it all. I probably would have kept thinking that except for what happened the next morning. One of my older sisters had come to visit, she used to live in the room I was in, and we were sitting in the kitchen talking. I was telling her and my mom that something strange had happened and I couldn't decide if I had imagined it or not. I started telling them about the man and was just to the part about the wide brimmed hat when my sister said,"Was he also wearing a long coat?" When I said yes she told me she saw him many times when she lived in that room and had always wondered if she was dreaming.

Texas, USA
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