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Ghost Caller

Sherwood Edwards, IL, USA
June 2009

I live a house that I do not believe to be haunted. This, however, doesn't stop this experience from happening. Two days ago I was in my house alone during the day. I was watching MSNBC and hadn't a thing in my mind about ghostly activity. I noticed my family room lights flicker off then back on. Just a split second later, my phone rang quite ominously. I get up and go to answer the phone.

This is where things get really creepy. There was static, no end to static. A voice asks for my father. I told him he wasn't there. The second after I said that the voice and the static just stops all at once, no sign of a hang-up noise or anything. During our short exchange, I was freaked out because I recognized the voice. After the phone call, it all hit me. The caller was the friend of my father.

The only thing is, this person has been dead for 2 years.

I had been close to him when he was alive so I can recognize that voice anywhere. I know I was not dreaming. This truly scared me so I went outside to play basketball. After that, nothing strange has happened.

Sherwood Edwards, IL, USA
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