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Ghost Car?

Jennifer, AR, USA
February 2004

About 4 years ago I was dating this guy named Joe. It was winter time with icy roads and snow everywhere.

One night I went over to his sister's house, she lives behind his house, to watch movies with her, her son, and boyfriend. It was getting late about 10 o'clock and I was only 15 at the time, so we were getting ready to leave; starting his truck up to let it warm up. As I was saying goodbye to everyone, and saying that we needed to do this again, we turned onto the icy gravel road and we noticed about 20 feet in front of us that there was this old time looking car that neither of us has seen before.

The car was sideways and it was head first in the ditch with its back wheels off the ground.

We didn't notice anyone around, or any lights on in the car. We went back to Joe's sister's house, not even 5 minutes away, to tell them what's going on and to get them to go with us to see if someone was in the car.

We returned back to the scene and the car was gone!

There was NO way for the car to be gone and out of sight before we got back. We weren't even gone for 10 minutes so we would have seen people and a tow truck pulling the car out of the ditch. Remember the back tires were completely off the ground. We were so freaked out!

We passed by other vehicles but we never saw that car again. Joe said that he had never seen that car before and has never seen it again after that night.

Was it someone saying to be careful since it was icy outside?

We don't know and may never know.

It still freaks me out to this day thinking about it.

Thanks for reading!!

Jennifer, AR, USA
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