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Ghost Car In Lanikai

July 2001

This happened in 1982. I grew up in Kailua, Hawaii and as most of you probably know, Hawaii is famous for it's superstitions (Pele, the volcano goddess, the menehune's, etc). As a native, I believed and respected all the lore but had never experienced anything first hand.

During my last year in High School, I had become somewhat rebellious and cut out of school on a regular basis. My cousin, older by five years, had recently come for a visit and her and I would spend entire days just cruising around Kailua in her big, beat up van, drinking beer and hanging out at the beach.

One day we were doing our usual, cruising around with no particular place to go. We were "cruising Lanikai" which was a common thing many kids did back then, Lanikai is a long stretch of road that winds about and around the beach. Lanikai is beachfront property and the houses are all million dollar homes. The street winding through Lanikai is narrow, only one lane, there is always little to no traffic and when you do come upon another car, one or the other drivers simply pulls up onto the grass to let the other pass.

My cousin and I were half way around the "loop", just chatting and killing time, there were no other cars or even very many people (as it was the middle of a weekday). There was a pause in our conversation and we both suddenly looked into the rear view mirror.

Behind us loomed a huge, black, very shiny car. I can only say it was completely out of place and had so suddenly appeared that we were both shocked into silence. We turned from the rear view mirror and looked at each other, not saying anything but both with our eyes wide and the unspoken question between us. That took all of a second, then we both turned our heads to look out of the window, and the car was gone! There was NO WAY that car could have gone anywhere, there were no cut offs or turns or even driveways the car could have ducked into, just one long narrow road, even if there had been a place for the car to go it hadn't the time, this had all happened in a second. I honestly don't remember what we did or said next, we just got out of Lanikai as quickly as possible. When I think back on it now, I can't remember having seen any driver of the mysterious, black car.

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