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Ghost Car Of Don Mills And Eglington

Daniel Ho, Canada
December 1998

Iam a University Student Of Ryerson Polytechnic University. One day that I was with my fellow group members completing a final report for the year, we worked on it to about 2am in the morning. For me to get home, the quickest root I would take will be going south bound on Don Mills Rd. towards Eglington Ave. Then from Eglington Ave. towards Kennedy Rd. What happened is a true story that not many people have experienced.

I have lived near the Don Mills and Eglington area for more than 20 years now. What happened was during the trip home, while I was heading towards Eglington Ave. travelling on Don Mills Rd. (just past a mall) a white Monte Carlo (early 80's) model suddenly appeared right beside me, and stopped right beside me. It felt really cold, since this was in July it was a scorcher for the afternoon for that day. As the light turned green I passed the car, and switched lanes to the left lane. After I passed the car, the car just disappeared.

And I know that there was no way, that car could be able to cut 3 lanes and make a right turn in less than 3 seconds, or make a left, because there was no road leading to the right.

Daniel Ho, Canada
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