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Ghost Child (1)

Ellen Johnston, Maryland, USA
January 1999

About 3 years ago my husband and 3 children and I moved into an old house. This house was built in the 1890's. It is divided into a duplex. At the time no one lived next door. It was a mess next door, as it had not been lived in for over 30 years. Anyway, soon after moving in, my husband would hear footsteps upstairs late at night. He would run upstairs thinking one of the kids was awake and needed something. He only rushed upstairs to find us sound asleep. I also heard noise coming from next door. It sounded like someone was walking around. The noise next door stopped about 8 months later when people finally moved in. However, it continued on our side of the house. The first summer in the house our friends came to visit. They stayed about 3 weeks. One evening after my children were in bed (her kids were in the living room with us) she looked at the stairs and started to ask my 3 yr old daughter what she needed. Then my friend tells me that she just saw a child in white run down the stairs and around a piece of furniture that stood at the bottom of the stairs. I checked on the kids and they were asleep, and we knew it was a ghost. A few months later I became pregnant and all the noise stopped. I had a girl, and she looks just like my other daughter. I am sure the footsteps were her.

We have had other experiences here that I feel are related to the house. We don't hear noises anymore, but have the sense of being watched. My husband and I feel this intensely while sitting at the computer. The computer is in the dining room. It is opposite the kitchen. If one is standing at my kitchen door they can see directly to the computer. Of course I always have a shade on that door. We have heard knocking at the door before, only to open it and find no one there. This happens only at night. A few months ago another friend of mine came to visit. She and I were standing in the kitchen washing dishes. She said she saw a woman standing near me. It made me feel creepy, but our house was very busy that night so I didn't have time to think about it. My friend also had a difficult time sleeping. She felt constantly like she was being watched in a tormenting way by this woman.

There is one bedroom in the house no one can sleep in. I have all of my children sleeping together in one room because they are scared in there at night. They play with toys in the daytime and are fine. My husband and I have tried sleeping in that room and we cannot. However, my friend that had a difficult time sleeping was in my children's' room (not the third bedroom). That freaks me out a little bit.

I guess that's about it. There are other minor things that have happened here. Like seeing people out of the corner of our eye. It's too much to keep writing about. We are moving soon. I am used to the ghosts in this house, so I am a bit worried at what we may encounter somewhere else!

Ellen Johnston, Maryland, USA
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