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Ghost Cop

March 2002

This story isn't exactly scary, but it sure spooked us.

This happened on November 15, 1999. It was my friend Michelle's 21st birthday and we decided to take her to a bar to celebrate. It was me (19), Michelle (21), Dara (19) and her sister, Sharon (21). Since Dara and I were only 19 we couldn't drink and just had soda while Michelle and Sharon had a couple drinks.

It started to get pretty late, so we decided to go back to Dara's house to spend the night. Dara drove and I sat in the front passenger seat, with Michelle and Sharon in the back. We took the highway and Dara started driving pretty fast, going about 90 in a 55mph zone. None of us thought anything about it, since we're used to driving that fast. Anyway, the highway we were on has a stretch of it that has no exits in between exit 11 and exit 16 where we were headed. That's a good 5 miles with no turn-offs. As we were racing down the highway (keep in mind its about 1:00 in the morning, no traffic), we see a cop pull up along side us. None of us saw him come up on us, so we were pretty surprised and Dara began to slow down so we didn't get pulled over. The cop rode along side us for about a minute or two, but never looked in our direction. Dara looked at me and said What should I do? And I told her to just keep going slow and everything would be fine. When I looked back at the cop, he was gone!! There was nowhere for him to have turned around or gotten off the highway. Needless to say, we all started freaking out and looking all over for anywhere the cop could have gone. There was nowhere.

After we calmed down, we all took it as a sign that we shouldn't have been speeding, and maybe this cop was just trying to keep us safe.

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