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Ghost Dad

Karen Cornell, MD, USA
February 2003

My daughters Dad past away May of 2002 at the age of 30 from heart failure. From start to end it was only three weeks from the time we found out until he died. He had just started being a responsible dad for about 6 months though his mother always picked her up so he could see her and they paid his support. I had spoken to him before he past and told him I would always take care of Michhaela and he wanted me to always have a present for her on holidays and birthdays. Well he passed and almost immediately he was making his rounds. I woke up on night to a candle lit in my room. His sister was on the phone with me and her computer which she had not messed with for weeks came on and off twice while we were talking about him, and that same day the light in his room would come on, usually around 1:00 in afternoon which is usually the time he would get up every day when alive.

Since then when I take pictures of either his mother or my daughter there is a cloud in their picture.

Also I asked for a sign that he was watching over us and I got a strange email about pennies from heaven and that next morning there was a penny on my deck. Whenever I talk to him about his daughter a penny the next day shows up on my deck.

I know he is watching over us.

Karen Cornell, MD, USA
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