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Ghost Date

QLD, Australia
January 2002

The following true story happened in QLD, Australia on the outskirts of Brisbane.

A friend of our family, Sandra, (name has been altered) is a chef. Sandra purchased a small restaurant in a country town not far from where we live and our family was eager to dine there. The restaurant is known to be haunted and Sandra had told my mother and I that she would often find pots and pans in the middle of the floor that had not been there previously. This was very strange since it happened a lot when she was there cleaning up alone.

One evening I went with my parents and my brother to the restaurant for dinner. The meal was lovely and the building was pretty, and quaint. We had a most enjoyable evening. I didn't even think about the fact that it was supposed to be haunted. When we were done eating, my parents and I stayed inside for a while and chatted with Sandra, complimenting her on her new business. My brother went outside and was looking at a green tree frog which was in the garden. He noticed a couple sitting on the verandah at a table, who looked as though they were on a date. He looked back down at the frog, then back at the restaurant and the couple were gone.

My brother proceeded to look inside the restaurant, down the sides of the building, all over, but no sign of the couple. He looked pale and shocked. The strange thing is, he did not know that the restaurant is said to be haunted. Nobody told him. We asked him what they looked like and he said that the lady was in a pretty summer frock and described her hair as shoulder length an wavy, and the man was very tall and slim, had a moustache and was wearing a grey suit. Sandra then told us that although she has never seen the ghosts herself, my brother's description of the couple that he had seen was identical to that of other people who had sighted the ghosts.

I wonder who the couple are and why they have not shown themselves to Sandra, but continue to run a muck in her kitchen?

QLD, Australia
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