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Ghost Dog

Nicky Fraser, NSW, Australia
July 2003

This incident happened a few years ago I'm now 17 years old. It happened when I was recovering from major surgery on my leg. I had a bone disease and had to wear a brace on my leg for six months.

During this time I had to sleep with my light on as I couldn't walk without aid or crutches and being a teenager my room wasn't in the best condition (usual teenage mess!).

Anyway one night I was asleep in my room when I woke up from a light sleep I calmly opened my eyes to see the light shining. I was about to roll over and go back to sleep when I looked at my doorway. What I was looking at startled me and I was immediately wide awake. At my open doorway stood a large dark grey dog casually leaning over licking one of its paws. I was frozen I didn't know what to think or make of this. Before I could wrap my head around what I was looking at the dog calmly looked up and as soon as it realised it was being watched it quickly faded and disappeared.

What I had just seen really shocked me and as you could image I had quite alot of trouble getting back to sleep.

I also had never seen this breed of dog in my life so I was a little freaked out about it and since I didn't know what breed it was I just shock this experience off and tried to get myself to beleive it was just my imagination. However a few days after the experience I was driving with my family when we passed a house with the exact same looking dog in the yard. I quickly grabbed my mum and asked her what dog it was and calmly she told me it was a great dane. This shocked me and after that I had no problem in believing what I saw.

Nicky Fraser, NSW, Australia
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