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Ghost Figure

Joey, NSW, Australia
February 2005

A couple of months ago I went to the Quarantine Station in North Head Point NSW with a group that included family and friends. I was a bit skeptical about the whole situation but yet was very excited to see what this ghost hunt tour was all about!

I admit that some things were way over done by the tour guide, like turning the dummy in the morgue table and hitting the shower wall with their torch but yet it did scare us. However the whole experience drained myself and the people I went with of our energy.

We did experience a few things real and not real, for example in the shower block, we all went in for a second time without the tour guide and it was pretty annoying with some of the other people making noises and acting like idiots, however the scariest point for me was after we all left the tour and the guy that I was with in the shower block experienced something that to this day scares the hell out of me. This is what happened:

The second time we went into the shower block, me and my mate were walking around and it was really dark then we both noticed that everyone was leaving the shower block in a hurry, so I turned around to see if there was anyone left and I distinctly remember there was absolutely and I mean absolutely no one left so I turned around to my mate and told him let's get out of here as everyone has left and we are the only ones here. I did notice my mate didn't seem scared or worried at all to which I found it strange. We exited the shower block and nothing was said and just continued with the tour. Now the scary part; as we left the tour and were on our way home, we were talking about how we felt about the whole experience and what we thought was the the scariest part. I started talking about the shower block and how I got scared when everyone started running out, I turned around to my mate and said that was the reason I said to him let's get out of here, my mate turned around to me and said that he wasn't scared because as I said that to him he turned around and saw a man wearing all black and had a black cap walking behind us, so he knew we weren't alone. I told him that I specifically turned around and made sure whether we were alone or not before I had made that comment and I was 100% sure there was no one left but us, he said no there was a man still with us, the other people that was with us at that moment said to us "no" you two were the last people leaving the shower block and no one else and they remember seeing us as being the last ones walking out before the doors were locked.

We all looked back and we have all agreed that there was absolutely and we do mean absolutely no none in the tour wearing black or with a black cap, the reason we know this is becuase there wasn't that many people on this particular tour, so it was easy to recall and see if we could remember seeing anyone wearing black and we have agreed that we are right, no man wearing all black was with our tour group.

Some of the guys that went with me did feel un-easy, did see figures as well as myself mainly in the hospital block as well as in the room adjacent to the morgue. One thing is very noticeable is the temperature change, I have to admit I took off and put on my jacket so many times that it was not funny!

I recomend this tour to anyone, however there will always be someone who will be acting immature and try and ruin the experience for you.

Joey, NSW, Australia
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