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Ghost Hitchhiker

Xandu, Puerto Rico
March 2003

Do ghosts really walk the earth? And where do they walk? These seemed like silly ideas and questions from childrens scary stories, but not anymore to me. Let me start with what was an urban legend from the whole of my island, to a smack in the face 'so this is real' experience.

About 4 months ago my wife and I were driving out to our honeymoon getaway. It was a 2 1/2 hour drive at night, but we didn't care as long as we were together. As luck would have it we hit a traffic jam at the highest road on the Island called "The Cayey Heights". Normally you can drive past this area in less than 20 minutes, but with traffic your stuck for well over an hour.

After about 15 minutes into the traffic jam my wife grips onto my arm and begins to shake. I look at her and ask what is wrong, but her eyes are glued to the rail on the side of the road. Then she says, "honey tell me you see him". I look at the rail and just say "see who?" Her hands tremble and she says..... "Him... the guy sitting there.... the hitchhiker...". Again I look and I say I don't see anyone but she looks straight at me and says "Don't look! He's looking this way and coming over!" I look in all directions of the car and I didn't see anyone. Then my wife starts to ramble "Honey I'm going crazy... I'm going crazy... get me a pill, get me a doctor... please I'm going insane" saying this while she pulled at my arm and trembling. A couple of times I had to scream at her and shake her to keep her from going hysterical. Then she looked in the back seat and said. "He's in here... in the back seat." I looked back but saw no one, but this was to intense for me to think nothing was going on. All the while the traffic jam started to pick up pace.

So I logically asked my wife questions about the guy in the back seat. She wouldn't look back but could see him in the rear view mirror. He was a young guy with ripped jeans, ripped white T-shirt and had no eyes in his sockets and looked transparent. All he kept doing was look at his watch and became more and more desperate every time he saw it. He started to shake his head and complain although we couldn't hear him.

My wife was terrified, I had kept my cool until the ghost had reached for me. All I felt was cold in the back of my head, neck and shoulders. I couldn't see what was touching me but my wife assured me he was edging me on to hurry up. Then he had reached for my wife to hurry her up, that turned me into a believer when I saw my wife's hair being lifted by an unseen hand.

We were at that point out of the traffic jam and moving at a good pace, the guy was more at ease now that we were moving. Then we were arriving at a monument on the road which the ghost kept pointing at. My wife practically yelled for me to pull over.

As soon as we stopped I looked at the back seat and saw no one, but when I looked over to my wife I saw here glued to her window waving good bye. She looked over to me and asked me if that part of the ghost hitchhiker stories are true then we know what to do.

So I popped the trunk and pulled out our bags and threw them in the back seat.

Well according to the rest of the urban legend, ghosts cannot hitchhike if there are no free seats available inside the car.

Xandu, Puerto Rico
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