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Ghost In A Cellar

April 2005

My name is Brian Oldfield. I am a psychic of 23 yrs. This is one of many of my stories.

I was driving along a freeway on the west coast of Australia when my friends mobile phone rang it was a friend from the east coast of Australia 2000 miles away. The lady on the phone said "Can you ask Brian about our cellar under the house, we have had spooky things going on down there for a long time now, the light bulb keeps flickering on and off. That was all I needed as instantly I could see a ghost (a spirit) trying to get into the back wall of the wine cellar, it was an old man looking pretty distressed. After I moved him from the house (telepathically) I realized that I had placed him 3 doors up from where he was but I had placed him in a house with a 12-year-old girl, so I went back (telepathically) and placed him 3 more doors up and into a park. Wow, straight away I could see the old man sitting on a park bench seat in the park holding hands with an old lady (in spirit) he was finally at peace, I asked him what he was doing at the house and he replied "I was looking for my wife, I have been looking in the wrong place" he said "but now I have found her I'm so happy, thank you". I then rang the lady back (as I had never been to the east coast of Australia) and asked her "was there a 12 year old girl living 3 doors up?" and she said "yes" I then said "was there a park 3 more doors up" and she said "yes" then I asked her "was there a park bench in the park? And she said "yes".

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