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Ghost In Baghdad

June 2005

My Dads best friend, whom I know very well is in the U.S. Army infantry. He's stationed at Fort Hood Texas. This experience happened to Rick (my Dads friend who is in the 4th ID) during his deployment in Iraq.

About two weeks after Baghdad fell. As you know, Most of the troops have to stand guard and patrol areas. Well Rick and his squad were patrolling an area south of Baghdad. It was during the night, when Rick and his squad walked past a fountain. As soon they did, a sad cry could be heard. Usually a cry isn't something out of the ordinary. But they couldn't find where it was coming from. It was very loud and sounded as if it were near by. Then suddenly a woman came out of an alleyway. She had a hood on and covered her face like most Muslim women do or did at the time. She had a bucket in her arms. She walked over to the fountain and tried filling the bucket up with water. But the fountain was polluted. So one of the soldiers tried stopping her. The soldier told her not to do what she was doing in her native language. But she continued to do what she was doing. So the soldier began to approach her. As he got closer, she began to slowly fade until she was gone.

This was witnessed by four other soldiers including Rick. The soldier that had approached the women fell into shock. They quickly got a Medic to him, and quickly brought him back to the base. He recovered and is doing fine now.

This is a true story. The Rick I know wouldn't lie like this. I've even met one of the other troops that witnessed this.

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