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Ghost In House

Tara, NSW, Australia
September 2011

I used to live in a house in orange NSW. Of course, after having moved in & lived there for a while, stories abounded towards me from various locals, none of which I'm sure I believe, however the house itself, in my opinion requires investigation. Do I know of any deaths there? No, as I didn't investigate it further, but I am insanely curious to this day. The house itself was beautiful, 5 bedder & old enough to have an old "copper" in the laundry & a rather unsettling "pantry" off the kitchen. This room, I particularly hated & for the most part would not enter. Various people that would visit at times would refuse to come back, a flat mate of mine many times was electrically shocked by various items in his room, but only he.

Going to the "outdoor dunny" of a night, you would get the eerie feeling always that someone was behind you walking up the hallway & could actually see the foot impressions on the carpet. When sitting in the lounge room, it was nothing to see an apparition frequently floating or walking from room to room. My mother reported her door nightly squeaking open closed, open closed repeatedly. My oldest son, then very young, had reported seeing a man at the end of his bed. My bf, a skeptic, said that there was nothing to be afraid of & the next time he saw it he should say hello & smile. My son waved & smiled behind my bf's shoulder & promptly fell asleep again smiling. My bf, however, jumped back in our bed shaking saying the hair on his neck was on end & refused to enter the kids room again!

We had frequent occasions where things would "disappear" only to turn up in the most obvious place soon after. One flat mate moved out after her bf had asked her not to play with his feet one night & she made a point of showing him her hands above the covers & poked her feet out the blanket, but he could still feel the sensation.

I, myself got the feeling that our mischievous visitor was a young girl, however my son still insists to this day that "his" ghost was a mature aged man. We lived in this house for quite some time as restless spirits of the non-malevolent variety really don't worry me. The house still stands today & I have noticed that although work construction goes on all around, the house itself stands prompting me to wonder if it may be heritage?

Tara, NSW, Australia
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