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Ghost in Railway Tunnel

Mark Relph, Bolton, Lancashire, England
July 2009

At the time of this event, we were living near a pub along with my wife’s family. One night when we had finished working (about 12.30 am) we both made our way to my family home which was about a mile away.

Back then, there were no street lights along the old power station road, almost complete darkness. We had taken this route many times before and were used to it. However, this one night was not to be forgotten. As we walked the long dark road towards the railway tunnel entrance, we both stopped dead in our tracks. Ahead of us at the entrance was a bright figure, the figure of a little boy. We froze to the spot looking on, as he walked from the right of the tunnel to the left of the tunnel. As he did this, he was staring directly at us as he did so. He now paused whilst leaning against the tunnel wall, then returned to where he first was. While he walked back and forward, he never took his eyes off us and had a crystal clear silhouette. The movement of his arms and legs were immaculate. It was now that the panic hit us both. Without a word we ran and ran until out of sight from the tunnel. We slowed down as we rounded the corner, out of sight, only to come face to face with a car in the middle of the road (at an angle) with its four doors all open. Again we stopped as we were approached by a man who came from the driver’s door, asking if we'd seen anything out of the ordinary alongside the road. There were four people around the car all looking for something, or someone. We said we hadn't seen anything even thou' we had at the tunnel. It was when they said that they were looking for a little boy , we continued walking along the road and past the pub we'd come from and along the brightly lit road back to my parents house (the long way round)in Kearsley. It was many years later until we told anyone about this experience. Even to this day we ask ourselves, ‘What was he and what was he doing there. Was he intent on us not going through the tunnel?’?

Maybe we'll never know.

Mark Relph, Bolton, Lancashire, England
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