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Ghost in the Dark

Katherine Ghaneh, Texas, USA
April 1998

It was several years ago, while I was living in a 60's era house. I knew something wasn't right. There were certain places where if you walked, you would feel a cold clench on your heart. Several weeks after my mother and I moved into the house, it began. Every night, when I would turn off the light in the hallway, I would have to run to my room, because there was something there, something very evil and sinister. And every night while I lay in my bed, both my mother and I would hear carpeted footsteps walking down the hallway. It would drag its feet along the carpet, walking for what seemed like forever till it reached the end of the hallway. Sometimes it would stop for a few minutes, but it would pick up again. My heart would pound so heavily, and I could almost cry because it wouldn't stop! Several nights, my mother heard the footsteps come into her own room and stop at the foot of her bed. She would look over to see if it was me or not, but no one was ever there. We got so sick and tired of hearing those same footsteps every night and being terrified of the night, so we brought over some church people to see if they could get rid of them. One of the people started doing her stuff, and she said she felt someone try to strangle her! The ghost, or ghosts never bothered us after that- in that house. Another Ghost in the Dark

Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but, it started to happen when my aunt was reading Anne Rice novels. My grandmother, my mother and I would hear walking footsteps above us- in the attic. A lot of people that would come to the house, if they would stay long enough, would also hear them. Once and a while you would hear the footsteps walking all the way from the front door, to the kitchen. They were a man's steps. You could hear the heavy heel of his shoe walking along the hardwood floors. After my aunt left, the ghost went along with her. But that wasn't the end of it. My uncle started to read those same novels, and take up Voodoo - black magic. Those footsteps returned. But they were incredibly definite now. We had a painter come over to fix some water stains in the roof, and soon we heard the words "I'm not staying in this house anymore!" coming from his mouth. He told us what he heard in the house. He heard male footsteps, I guess you would say, wearing business shoes? He heard those footsteps walking down that hardwood floor! Before, it would always stop right before the entrance to the kitchen. Well... the painter had laid plastic over the floor to prevent stains. He said he heard somebody, or someone, walking along with the plastic dragging under their feet! He turned around to see who it was but there was no one there! To this day, we have no knowledge about that ghost(s), if they are still there or not. But chances are, that they are still there, walking along the hardwood floors. If you would like to know where the house is, it's in east Dallas.

Katherine Ghaneh, Texas, USA
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