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Ghost in the Darkness

Ohio, USA
March 1997

Iwas twelve years old when I had an experience, I wont forget. My mom owned a shop and we had just moved into a shop where its recent owner had committed suicide about eight years earlier by carbon monoxide poisoning so he was not able to breathe.

I was at the store helping my parents move their stuff in and my brother went to a different section which was being used as a rental hall for parties and wedding receptions.In the rental hall there is a room which goes off the rental hall and has a long dark hallway which is always locked up and very seldomly used. Well my brother and I were just standing there talking about nothing in particular when we heard a noise and didn't really think nothing of it until we heard it again and that time we paid attention to it and it sounded as if it was coming from within the dark hallway. The noises we heard sounded like footsteps and really raspy breathing as if someone was having trouble breathing. We both looked at each other and took off running back into the shop and told are parents and they didn't really believe us (boy am I glad we moved out of that place)!!!!

Ohio, USA
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