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Ghost In The Doorway

Victoria, Australia
August 2001

I have two different ghost stories that I would like to share with you.

The first happened when I was about 6-7yrs old.

My Mum, Dad, Older Sister and I all went away for the Easter Holidays to a place called Malacoota. We stayed in a fairly old home (about 100yrs or so) that was run-down and basically falling to bits.

We stayed there for about 3 nights and each night something new and unexplainable seemed to happen.

The first night nothing much seemed to happen except that my sister and I kept on hearing banging noises and the sounds of a tap dripping (when the water supply to the house had been cut-off due to rusty pipes), the second night I slept soundly for about 4hrs and then woke up to the hallway lights being off (I kept them on as I was afraid of the dark). Thinking that the light bulbs had blown I didn't take much notice of it and fell back asleep but when I woke up about and hour later they were on again, this happened numerous times during the night. In the morning I asked my family which one of them had been messing around with the lights, they all said that they hadn't woken up once that whole night.

The two previous nights hadn't scared me very much but when the third night came I saw something that I will NEVER forget.

I was sleeping very happily until about 12:50pm when I woke up for a drink, I sat up in bed and picked up my glass of water from the bedside table, but as I did out of the corner of my eye I saw something in the doorway, I looked again and there were two people, a young, and very beautiful woman in what looked like an old-time night gown, and an elderly man in a black tuxedo, I sat there staring for a few seconds, waiting for my eyes to adjust properly, when the blur had disappeared I realised that they were transparent, I nearly died, I turned and looked at my sister (who was sleeping in the bed next to mine), she was sound asleep, but when I turned back they were gone and I heard a loud bang on the wall above my bed, I screamed quickly and ran to sleep in my Mum and Dad's bed.

We left early next morning and I can tell you now I was VERY glad to be out of that house, I didn't tell anyone of my story until later that week. I told my Dad who told the man who owned the home, apparently the home used to be part of a small country hospital where people had passed away and many other people had seen and heard things there too.

Now, you might think that this was just the vivid imagination of a young child but I guarantee you it was NOT, I know I saw those two people in my doorway, looking at me sleeping and I also know that that creepy old home was haunted.

My second story is just a few small things that have happened in my house.

I'd just like to point out that my home isn't old, it was built by my parents when I was about 1 (I'm 13 now). I seem to be the only person who sees/hears/smells things in the house, here are a few of my 'encounters'.

1. I was about 12yrs old and was staying home alone until about 7:00pm (as my Dad had to attend a meeting). Everything was going fine, I had my dinner in the oven, and I was watching my favourite TV show. In the short quiet period of time between changing from the TV show and the Ad's I heard a small noise, it was a very quiet voice, coming from all around me, it simply kept repeating "Hello?" over and over and over, I went to the front door and no one was there, I checked to see if the radio's were on, nothing, it just kept on going, until it stopped abruptly and all electrical appliances in the house went off for about 2-3 secs, this freaked me out and I waited on the nature strip for my Dad to get home, I never told anyone.

2. My home has 2-storeys to it, there are showers both up and downstairs. Every time I have a shower upstairs I seem to hear knocking on my parents bedroom door, when I go to check no ones there, this happens every time I shower.

3. Things of mine go missing only to turn up in the most unusual places for example, My Destiny's Child C.D disappeared only to turn up in the garage, etc.

4. I often see dark, shadowy figures out of the corner of my eye when nothing is really there.

5. I hear my name being called, laughter, footsteps, barking, etc. when I am the only one home. These things often scare me out of my wits but I suppose I have kind of learned to live with them a bit. Thank you for taking time to read my stories, sorry they were so long.

6. When I was young I saw a black figure on the floor next to my bed, it had deep dark eyes and was motioning it's hand as if to say 'come here'.

Victoria, Australia
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