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Ghost In The Machine

Michigan, USA
January 1999

Afew months ago, my neighbor asked me to babysit her two sons that are ages 2 and 5. I had babysat them many times before and nothing unusual ever happened. Before the current residents moved in, an old couple lived in the house. A few years ago the man died of a heart attack while mowing his lawn. I used to sell girl scout cookies to him when I was young, but never personally knew him. Although I was to young to remember, I have also been told by my father that in that same house, about 17 years ago a man committed suicide in the garage by leaving the garage door down and his car on.

While watching the children I always felt as if I was not alone in the house, although I have never seen a ghost. The night I was babysitting happened to be devils night. The kids and I were watching a tape called Grandpas Sing Along. At the end, Grandpa and all the characters were in a group singing with the credits showing on the screen. I took the the tape out of the VCR, and on the television it still showed grandpa singing with the characters with the credits rolling. I looked at the tape in my hand and stuck my fingers in the VCR. It was empty. The singing continued for 20 seconds then stopped. I have no idea what the message to me was, if their was any, but I still have chills when I remeber holding the tape in my hand while it was still playing on the T.V.

Michigan, USA
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