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Ghost in the Mirror (3)

Anonymous, Ulverston, UK
June 2010

It was the summer of '68 and everyone in our building decided to go to the beach. We had to take six mini cabs to get there as there were so many of us. We eventually got to the beach and funnily enough it was so crowded you could hardly move. The temperature was definitely over 30 degrees and the sun was pounding down onto my face...

After about three hours of being at the beach I was rushed into hospital as I had sun stroke. All over my face there was a deep red colour. I was taken into a cubicle of which I stayed overnight in case I got even more ill.

When I was finally allowed home I went straight to the mirror to look at my face since I hadn't seen it since at the hospital. When I saw my face I screamed as it wasn't anymore my face! It was a face of a creepy old woman but only when I looked in THAT mirror. I was so freaked out I called my mum over to calm me down. When she arrived she told me there was nothing to worry about as there was nothing on my face...

When I'm alone in my house and stare into the mirror I see the face of the creepy old woman. But when I am with friends or family it is just my normal face!

It has been over a decade since this happened but I still see the face in THAT very mirror! Then I realized when I was looking through the family photo album I saw THAT face! It was my Great Grandma...

Anonymous, Ulverston, UK
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