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Ghost Lake

Bonnie, South Australia
March 1998

It was around March in 1996, and my friend and I were having a sleep-over at my place. It was a hot day so my sister,her friends,my friend and I went down to my lake for a swim. When we got out, we lit a gas lamp and sat on some logs, talking about how silly we thought our school teachers were.Then we heard a dog barking. We looked out across the water and saw a golden retriever running along the edge of the water. "It's probably the next door neighbors dog, PHOEBE". I called out to the dog but it ignored me. Then we heard a sound, like a yell for help coming from the water. We looked across the lake again and saw nothing. Not even a ripple on the surface. We looked for the dog and saw it jump into the lake. It didn't make a splash or anything. By this time I was shitting my pants!!! I had never believed in Ghosts and I didn't know if I was dreaming or not. "Did you see that???"I asked, they nodded and we ran back up to the house. I didn't know weather it was a trick and I still don't know if I really believe in Ghosts, but I haven't been down to the lake at night and I don't think I ever will for a long time!!!

Bonnie, South Australia
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