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Ghost Mouse

Angela, OH, USA
March 2003

Igrew up in a house with violent haunting activity and after we moved a couple of times, there was no activity for years. The last paranormal experience I have had occured when I was 12 and when this story begins, I was 27.

The house we lived in was a Cape Cod style half brick, half siding, on Deblin Drive in Milford, Ohio (near Cincinnati). I had a dream that overpowered me. In it, a little silver mouse was in my room. I am a nature nut and love animals and thought the little thing was cute. I tried to pick it up, but spikes came out of it's body, and so I couldn't touch it. Then it overpowered me. I never felt a presence of such overwhelming power before. I was afraid, and I have never been afraid of any animal, and never even had a fear of snakes, or well anything that breathes. The mouse paralyzed me. It was holding a little string in its front feet and made motions like it was weaving. It said, "See, I am weaving a new path in life for you".

The next day, I was making my bed and the bright sun streamed into my room. Suddenly a black mouse came through the white wall from outside (it would have had materialized through a brick exterior). This is a solid wall with no holes and it emerged from the wall and ran across my room and faded into the solid wood foundation on which my waterbed sat. I thought we had a real mouse. I imediately examined the wall and the wood base. There are no holes. I looked in every nook and cranny of my bedroom and found no trace of a mouse, not even mouse droppings. This was black like a solid shadow. I looked up all information I could on mice. There is no such thing as a wild species of black mouse. This mouse had just materialized out of a solid wall and materialized into another.

We moved again, this time into a condo. Now this condo has brilliant white walls, tile, and blinding white carpet. Before we moved in and the place was completely empty, I stood in the living room in broad daylight and when I opened the door to the front closet, the black shadow mouse materialized out of the solid white rear wall, ran out onto the bleached white carpet, and vanished in thin air in the middle of the room! The afternoon sun was shining in this place in such a way there were no shadows at all not even in the closet. I saw an apparition appear, travel to a point, and suddenly disappear, only it was of a mouse.

Then the mystery knocking started. I would be laying in bed and hear knocking on my window. My bed is right next to the window, and all I have to do is turn my head to look, I did, nothing was there. This window is very tall, and nearly touches the floor and ceiling. No one could possibly hide from my view by ducking below the window (which would've been the only motion someone could do in that short of time), unless they were only a few inches tall!

The knocking on window ended and knocking started coming from the center of my wall from under my bed on my side of the wall. I verified this by crawling under my bed (I had a new spring mattress bed) to determine where the sound was coming from. The knocking would go on for about 20 minutes or so, always around 10pm, the same time the window knocking would take place.

After about 3 months of window knocks, and about a month of wall knocks, the knocked ended and I started to see blue orbs. These were baseball sized, perfectly spherical, and glowing light blue. I would start seeing them about 10pm. These orbs were so bright, it was like a camera flash in a pitch black room. They would only travel from my left to right in front of my bedroom window. They would just appear at a point a little past my window, and disappear right before they would've floated past the front door. The orbs would float by window over and over, reappearing, traveling the exact path, disappearing at the exact same point, and then another identical orb would take its place start the same thing anew, and these moved fast, but slow enough for me and right up almost against my window to be able for me to see them with perfect clarity! They moved in a perfectly straight line. This process would occur for 4 hours straight, then I could finally get some sleep. I checked everywhere outside of the house and was never able to explain the origin of the orbs.

The knocking and the orbs have all stopped. It is interesting to note though ever since I have had encountered the ghost mouse everything that I wish for in life is granted. I wished for a job at a very prestigious company which is the largest and number one in the world for innovative technology. I put in my resume and was hired 2 minutes into my interview! How likely is that at such a company! I wished in my heart for a new dog, a smart and beautiful dog and told no one. The next day my aunt called me and told me her dog had puppies and she had one puppy for me! He's a collie and looks and acts just like Lassie, a beautiful, smart dog.

I wished for money, and got a check for $3,000.00 from my previous employer. I wished to get healthier and loose weight, and I've gone from size 22 to a size 12. I wished we had a cabin in the woods and as usual told no one, that weekend, my Dad found one for sale and bought it! My life has been completely transformed not only materially but spiritually and physically.

I have started seeing auras as well as people's emotional thoughts in the form of different colors and densities of light and color. I seem to be developing other physic abilities as well. That mouse must have known what he was doing!

Angela, OH, USA
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