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Ghost of A Biker

Chanda Wright, Maryland, USA
August 2000

Date:Monday, June 24th, 2000.

This is not a ghost story folks, this is an actual report from the investigation of the haunted house.

Donna, Terry and myself (Chanda) went to investigate a woman's house in a state of the USA. This was to investigate the possible haunting of her home. Her husband who we shall call "Dave" had been tragically killed 2 miles from home on a motorcycle last month. He was a kind and gentle man who would have been in his mid 30's the week after his accident. He was married to this woman who adored him for the past five years. They had been together for ten years total. She had recently given birth to their beautiful baby boy.

Dave's wife who we shall call "Susie" wanted to know if her husband's spirit was in the house with her. We where there to find out.

I am psychic and I knew he was there before I got out of the car.

When we entered we decided to turn on the tape recorders, Donna's thermal scanner, and to get out the cameras. My thought was to wander throughout the house and see where the spirit of Dave would lead me.

Donna asked if I wanted to go down to the basement first, but I told her and Susie that I just wanted to wander. I do this to get a feel for where the spirit is and what they want to show me. The dead led you to things easily if you are receptive to them. The first thing I said (we were standing in the combination living/dining area) was "you two did this first when you moved into this house didn't you?" I was referring to the decorating of the living room including the walls, which they has painted pink. She said "yes". Then I told her he sat at that dining room table a lot. She said he did bills there and she said now she does them there.

I went to another room, perhaps it was meant to be a formal dining room, but it contained a mass of clutter. I looked at a model train setup and said "he got this from his grandfather." I picked up an old fireplace bellows, you know, one of the things you use to make the fire hotter? It was pretty. I told her "this came from his grandmother" and she said it had. I looked at the books on the shelf, which had mostly come from his grandfather too, but some from other palaces and a few they had bought together. I asked her if I was correct and she said again that I was correct to the origin of the books. She asked me, "how do you know that?" and I replied, "I just do. That is my gift."

From there I went to a room which I took to be their bedroom. Then I went to the bed and sat down and proceeded to put on a leather jacket that was lying on the bed, half under the covers. The dead man's coat. It gave me chills and flashes of what happened to him. His wife immediately objected saying, "that was his, he did not like anyone else touching his leathers! You should not be wearing that!" I understood her frustration but of course knew it was his and that he had been wearing it when the accident occurred. But I thought Donna had said it was a car accident and could not figure out why one would wear leathers in a car. Susie was still ranting about how he would not like that (me wearing it) The coat had been shredded by the doctors and nurses at the hospital. I could see him under a sheet. He definitely did not want to die. Nor was he ready. Dave told me then that he did not like her sleeping with the leathers. He was quite adamant. I could clearly hear him saying, "put them away. I died in them." so I made it clear HE wanted her to put them away for him. Then she let me put the coat away (in a place where he led me to.) She seemed to get some kind of odd comfort from sleeping with them. I found out later that she took his leather pants and packed them away also.

He did not like dying and did not want those things near her.

I saw a stuffed panda bear on the bed, and told her he had given her that. I also told her Dave would rather her sleep with the stuffed bear instead. She agreed to that.

I went to another room, which had an attic door. I was drawn to go up to the attic. While I was shooting photos in the attic, I saw sparkles of light and heard Dave say "tell her I miss her". I thought to myself how truly sad a situation this was. I also knew enough to be sensitive of the newly widowed Susie's feelings. But I did tell her what he said while I was up there.

Next I entered the room where the child slept peacefully. What a beautiful baby he was. I could easily feel Dave's presence near the child, like a lion! Protecting and guarding him from any danger that might come. Susie was worried I would wake the baby. It almost made me laugh. If she could feel what I feel from Dave, I thought to myself.

I was attracted to a toy porcelain pooh bear in there, I am unsure as to why. And a fuzzy blue jacket of the baby's I think Dave liked him in that. Also a little baseball suit. As I touched the wind up mobile and the light, and I could see the big man (Dave) tucking in and kissing the child night after night. It is times like that is really difficult not to break down and cry in front of the surviving spouse.

I went into another room, and then down to the basement. I knew I was in the place he liked to lie on the couch and watch TV. I could see him there, sprawled out, not a care in the world. I looked at his football game and he said he wished she would have played it with him. I asked her about that, and she said she was sure he had wished that. She kept asking me "what else is it about this room, something he really liked?" but you see that is not how it works (psyche) it is not a guessing game. You only get what they give you. I do not know what she meant or wanted me to say.

She told me later that she had wanted me to know, or to tell her of his blanket that he liked to cover up with.

On the way back upstairs, one of her cats looked at me oddly, and walked into another room. I was inspired to follow him. I was struck dumb. Dave's weight bench, footballs, basketballs, rollerblades, and games. It was heartbreaking. I petted the kitty and continued upstairs, Susie in front of me then Donna behind me, Terry bring up the rear. I found out later that Terry at this point felt him pass through his body twice and noted several temperature changes of 5 to 10 degrees on the thermoscanner. Donna thought he passed through Terry trying to catch up to Lynn. I tend to agree. Terry said it was like "a warm rush then sadness, then a cold chill all over my body." He said he knew it was Dave.

I was in the kitchen getting some water and could not see Susie. She was in the dining room. I heard him clearly say "tell Susie not to smoke!!" as his wife drew out her cigarettes. He really doesn't like her smoking! He made that very clear to me. When I told her what he said (he said it in anger) she said "oh yes he hated when I would smoke."

Donna, who was seated on the living room carpeting, suddenly broke into tears and started saying, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry", I knew as did she that it was coming from Dave of course, not Donna. The look on her face when she said it, it was one of such ? heartbreak.

I was chatting with Susie while Donna and I where snapping pictures. This is where the greatest number of photos containing orbs would come from. We have fifteen so far but not yet all the film developed. Suddenly I had a thought "the boots!" I knew it came from him. Little did I realize how much he was about to show me. I asked Susie if she had his boots and she looked at me quizzically, but replied "yes, do you want them?" I nodded. She brought them to me quickly and my first thought was "wow - huge feet!" I put on the boots over my shoes and it all began. I saw the whole accident. I first saw a blue sky, and then a road sign. I saw an expansion joint in the road. He crossed it. I saw handlebars (I thought why?) and I felt his foot slip off the metal thing (I was later told the metal shining thing on the left of a bike where you out your foot is a clutch, I do not know anything about motorbikes) and the his left foot brushed the pavement, like in a move to steady himself. I knew now he was not in a car but on a motorcycle. I was quite surprised at that revelation. The bike leaned hard to the right. He tried to right the bike with his left foot by dragging it, but was not able to. He was saying "a mistake, it was a mistake. " I then felt all two hundred and some pounds of him hit the pavement. Ugh. Skidding. I felt skidding, skidding so far. My helmet-where did it go(?)it is not on my head. My right leg was aching and head was hurting, I felt very dizzy, and my head hurt so badly. Oh my head my head, ugh my back is soaked what is that? I feel soaking wet. And my hair feels sticky and wet too. I want to get up but I can't move. Not too much anyway. I thought , "I'll just wait here and I"ll be OK". I thought I would just wait and help would come for me. Then I heard the siren. The ambulance had come. I don't remember much else, just thinking of Susie and the baby's faces.

The previous is all what he imparted to me as he let me become him when I put on the boots. I became Dave or he imparted somehow just what he went through for a few horrible moments. It seemed in slow motion and I was in physical and emotional pain and anguish.

I could see in my mind the technicians in the ambulance shaking their heads, holding bandages and blood and putting gauze sponges to his wounds, gray matter replacing the side of his head where a skull had once been. They were looking at each other sadly, knowing he would not make it but comforting him, urging him to "hang in there buddy, we are almost to the hospital."

I did not tell Susie about the pain. The whole way to the hospital his head hurt so bad and he ached all over and felt very sick. And weak. I believe he willed himself to wait for his wife to join him at the hospital before dying. He died from acute swelling of the brain.

It was a true calamity. He was big and strong, handsome and personable. He had lots of friends and a happy marriage with Susie. I felt that Dave would never leave his wife, the child or that house (as long as they are living there.) He definitely wants her to stay there. She is having a hard time (of course). What she feels at this time is guilt. She kept asking if he was angry with her. Perhaps she could feel how enraged he was at dying too soon and unexpectedly. I do not believe true grief has even set in with the young widow as of yet. She's not been devoid of his company for 10 years. Now she's alone with an infant. She does not know how to live alone. That is not an easy thing to learn, but I could feel strength within her she does not yet realize that she has. Dave knows she has it though. I told her before we left not to be afraid later that night (I didn't know that phrase actually alarmed her.)

When we went to the crash sight I miserably was able to go through all the visions again. Of course I did not tell Susie all the detail I give you readers here.

I had forgotten my over shirt so we doubled back to her home. She was on the telephone with a girlfriend because she was frightened. It was then I gently reminded her, " Now what did I tell you earlier? Remember that I said when you get scared later tonight - don't be fearful because Dave is here with you." I wondered silently if he had made me forget that shirt to go back and comfort her. I am not a forgetful person.

As she looked at me with those big eyes of hers, I could tell she did feel him undeniably.

This investigation is 2000
National Ghost Hunters Society, Chanda Wright (President).

Chanda Wright, Maryland, USA
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