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Ghost of A Hanged Man

Roy, Maine, USA
May 2001

This story took place in January 1978. I was twenty-five years old at the time. My wife and I were traveling around the country, working as we go and looking to settle down anywhere we could find good enough jobs to make a living and start a family.

At this particular time we were staying at my cousins house with her husband, and their children in Aberdeen, WA. Having four bedrooms upstairs, they set one up for us to stay in that they weren't using.

One night my wife and I were upstairs in our room sleeping. I'm having this dream and in my dream I'm right outside our bedroom door in the hallway. For some reason and I have no idea why, I go to hit my brother up beside his head. Dreams being weird like they sometimes are, when I hit my brother his head rolls off onto the floor. Now that alone would be strange enough, but when his head rolled off, it wasn't his body that it falls from, but the cat scratch post my cousin has for their cat. When I see my brother's head rolling around on the floor, I say to myself, "Oh sh*t! He's going to wake up," meaning that I was going to be freaked and wake up from my dream. So I'm still in my dream and I start towards the bedroom and just as I come into the room, I wake up from the dream and jerk to a sitting position in bed. As I'm sitting there looking straight ahead at the foot of the bed, I see myself walking across the floor and around the bed and sit right down into my body. I notice that as I'm watching myself walk I could see right through me.

Now with human nature being what it is, and with the way we always try to find a way to explain things we don't understand. I could very easily see me telling myself, it must of all been a dream. That I didn't really wake up when I thought I did and that I didn't really see myself sit back into my body. I would of told myself I woke up a few seconds later and the whole thing was just a weird dream. But!

When I jerked up in bed waking from my dream, it woke up my wife. She sat up and gave me a strange look and asked, "Did you see what I just saw?" When I asked her what she saw, she told me she just seen a ghost of me walk around the bed and get back into my body.

Roy, Maine, USA
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