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Ghost of A Previous Resident?

January 2001

Over the years that I have lived in it, I have come to believe that there is something other than my family living in my house. I have had several experiences in which I have had extremely abnormal occurrences.

I am 15 yrs old now, and have live in this house for 8 years. When I first moved into the house, both me and my three brothers ALL were afraid of it. We hadn't talked about this to each other at the, but thinking back, we all had a strange sense that something about it wasn't right.

I hadn't had anything along the lines of a strange experience until one night. Nothing particularly special about that day either, and thats what caught me off guard. Went up into my room, shut off the light, and had JUST climbed into bed when a pair of pants went flying through the air and hit me in the face. Looked over and saw something in the corner of my room. It was transparent, but everything through it was distorted, strange. More than enough to scare the bloody hell out of a 10 yr old kid. I threw a hat it its direction, only to have it thrown right back at me 10 seconds later. I simply lay awake, staring at it, until I fell asleep from pure exhaustion very late that night.

About 6 months later on a Saturday, I was putting on my shoes in the afternoon getting ready to go somewhere. I had my feet up on a chair while I was tying them. Suddenly, I distinctly felt a cold hand grab my ankle. I jumped back, alarmed. It held on for a second, then let go.

Again, A year and a half later, I had a couple friends over for a Halloween party. We had obviously eaten a lot of candy, drank a lot of soda, etc., and one friend was being extremely loud. Finally, my parents came up and had us go to sleep. I was on my bed, my three friends in sleeping bags on the floor. I was not tired at all, having just had all that candy, and had no urge to sleep whatsoever. I turned over a few times, when suddenly I turned over and saw a person standing with his back to me, staring down at one of my friends. I was startled, sat up, and as soon as I did so, the person turned, and looked straight at me. I will never forget the look on his face. We sat there, staring at each other, I being too afraid to even move. Then, he took one step toward me and faded into thin air.

I asked around about what the previous resident was like, knowing that he had been an alcoholic, and not very friendly to other people at all. I found that even while he had been so mean towards other adults, he loved kids. He would have them over to play in his yard, and was extremely nice to them. He had died shortly before we moved in, a very angry and troubled man. Could this have been him in my house? I am not sure, but it seems to be a very possible explanation.

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