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Ghost of City Hall

Jill, Maine, USA
August 2000

When I was younger, I had an interest in dance. I danced at my local Dancing School. After we had learned all of the routine, we had recitals. They would be held at the Biddeford City Hall. In the theater, it was Victorian, and very old. It has velvet red seats, and a beautiful stage: shiny, a little scratched floor, with velvet red curtains and spotlights and angel paints surrounded the wall. But there is a history to this place, it's haunted by a girl named Emma* (I'm not sure about the name, I believe it's Emma). She was a famous actress and dancer. She was doing a recital the night she died. This is the story:

Emma was in her dressing room one night, getting in her outfit and powdering up. In the next room, the floor was unstable, and you could falls through it. It had a sign: DO NOT ENTER, and while Emma was dressing, she slipped into the next room, and fell about 3 floors and landed on the Center Stage. She died.

And now, Emma has presence with us. If she doesn't like the show we perform, she rattles chains, and if she likes it, she flickers lights. The story isn't over. When I was over watching a production of "Charlotte's Web" at the City Hall, I happened to look up at the ceiling, where there was an opening. I saw two green eyes staring down, kind of moving, I thought it was a cat, but, it couldn't have been because that was the dressing room where she would dress, this place is definitely haunted.

Jill, Maine, USA
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