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Ghost of Schubert Park

Keith van Zyl, South Africa
February 2005

I have had many ghostly experiences from an early age, but this one was one of the scariest. At first this might seem like a part out of a bad horror movie, but this actually happened to me and a friend of mine.

It was round about mid-year in 1998 when we went to my friend's flat after a birthday party at another friend's house. It was about 2 in the morning. Now, my friend's flat is in a complex called Schubart Park, which over the years has seen its share of suicides by people jumping from the higher floors.

The moment we arrived back at Schubart Park an eerie quiet descended on us. The fact that we were in the mid-city made it even more eerie, since even this early in the morning you're bound to hear some traffic or people on the street. I had a strange, indescribable feeling as we walked towards the elevators, and I told this to my friend. He said that he felt it too, and described it as a strange "hollow" feeling.

There are many stray cats in the area, and as we neared the elevators one of this cats made its appearance and wandered around the area. We had pressed the elevator call button, and the left hand elevator started coming down. At that moment I told my friend that the strange feeling I had was becoming more intense. Just before the elevator reached the ground floor I knew that the feeling was emanating from this exact same elevator. I said this out loud, and when the elevator doors opened the cat ran away real quick. We decided to take the other elevator next to this one because we didn't feel comfortable with getting into the left-hand elevator.

While we were waiting for the second elevator the first one's doors started to close, but abruptly opened again as if someone was standing between them. This happened several times for what seemed like ages waiting for the other elevator to the two of us who were by this time quite frightened.

The second elevator finally arrived, and we got in very quickly. At that same moment the first elevators doors suddenly closed. Now we were really freaked.

As we ascended to the fifth floor, we heard a woman's scream cut short from right next to us. When we finally arrived on the fifth floor, the doors to the left hand elevator opened. It had stopped on the floor we were going to!

There are these divider doors between the elevator section and the flats themselves, and both my friend and I caught a brief glimpse of an angry brown-faced man staring at us through one of these doors' windows.

Needless to say, we ran to his flat!

We sat in his room for about half an hour, not saying a single word. Then we started talking about what happened. We had experienced everything exactly the same.

This was one of my scariest supernatural encounters.

Keith van Zyl, South Africa
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