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Ghost of the Camp

Donna, Ontario, Canada
March 2000

When I was 17 years old, I was a camp counsellor with our local Rec department. Every year they had an overnight training session for their camp counsellors, this was my second year.

We were just finishing up our camp fire and settling down for the night, some were playing cards, others talking. About two in the morning everybody had finally settled in to their sleeping bags. I had already been asleep for about an hour or so when I was awakened by a cold breeze. I checked the window because the room I was in had a large window to one side. Due to the rains, it had been closed tight. My attention was brought to a picture on the wall, of a tree beside a pond. From the tree I saw a figure, perhaps hanging or maybe floating, I don't know. However, this scared me to the point that I had to walk it off, so I got up to walk around and check to see if everything was okay. Everybody was sound asleep. I walked through the main or common area, which had a large window that looked out into the back fields of the campground (where we had our campfire), when I saw a white figure beside the swimming pond. She or he was floating on the edge of the pond and I could see the dock through it. Needless to say I never went back to that campground again.

Donna, Ontario, Canada
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