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Ghost of Wendy

Michelle and Kristy, New South Wales, Australia
April 1999

My friend Kristy and I went to mossvale to sleep over my sister's boyfriend's mums house. We were going to go horse riding, play pool and just have fun relaxing.

We arrived late in the morning bout 10:00am. We put our stuff in a small dark room. The first instant we were in that room it had a cold eery feeling. We didn't take much notice of it. Later that night before we went to bed I looked at kristy and said I don't like that room lets sleep in the lounge room. So we did. Before we gathered our stuff to go in the lounge room we both noticed something in the next room. It was like a little cloud, but in the formation of a lady with long hair and long white dress. We both looked at each other in fright and said. " did you just see that?" we both quickly exited the room and told my sister and her boyfriend and her boyfriends mum. Then she told us that we just saw a ghost. She explained why the ghost is there and who she is.

A lady all her life dreamed of building some beautiful house. When she got married her husband said they would build her dream house. Not long after the house was built Wendy died. She never got to live in her dream house. Not long after her death her husband got remarried and lived in Wendy's dream house. She still lived in the house as a ghost, spirit whatever and remained there since now.

Michelle and Kristy, New South Wales, Australia
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