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Ghost Pedestrian

Kendall, CA, USA
October 2015

After a day of shopping, my mother and I were headed home and we experienced something that we cannot explain. Traveling west on willow street, we could see a pedestrian walking from 2nd Avenue, toward an apartment complex on willow street wich was just a block ahead.

By the time we got to where he was, he had safely crossed the street. Just as we passed him, I turned my head to see if he was headed towards the apartments but I no longer saw him. I asked my mom where he went. She said "I'm not sure." We turned around and pulled in the parking lot but saw nobody. The doors to the apartments are a ways from the street so the only possible place he could have been was behind the complex sign which is about waist high and very thin but he wasn't there either.

I've heard several stories from friends about experiences of this sort. Some friends have said they could see through the ghost they encountered and others had experiences where the ghost appeared to be just as fully fleshed as a living person.

The man we saw looked just as alive as anyone and he never looked toward us at all which I remember thinking was odd considering we were the only car passing him at the time. not even a glance from him. This experience has kept me wondering why he wanted his presence known. The area this happened in is the oldest part of this city and just off Hesperia road which was originally known as Route 66. It was the main drag in Hesperia in the 1800s and 1900s. I've lived here my whole life so I know of the city's history. Less than a block from where this happened, there used to be a huge joshua tree that was used for several hangings back in the old days. Possibly a hang victim??

This happened in the afternoon in broad daylight and we live in the desert so you can imagine how bright the sun shines here. we both know we saw him. I want to know why it happened and I plan to detour through this part of town to possibly encounter more ghosts. I'm very interested now.

Kendall, CA, USA
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