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Ghost Road

Kristina Potter, Ontario, Canada
October 2001

This story is a classic in my area. We've been telling it for years upon years and it still spooks me out when I hear it. I suppose that's because I know the whole truth of it.

There's a town in my area called Port Perry, and there's a road there that has been dubbed Ghost Road. The legend behind this nickname is:

Back in the late 1940's, early 1950's (we're really not exactly sure when this occured) a young man, early 20's I believe, was travelling down Ghost Road on his motorcycle late at night. Now there's a lot of variations to this part of the story but the version I know is this. He hit a pothole in the road and lost control of his bike. The bike veered off into a field, throwing the man from his seat. Well there happened to be a wire fence put up directly in his path, which he hit probably flying at about 80mph. The problem was, it hit him directly in the neck, completely severing his head.

Now the next morning his body was found and the authorities called. They removed the body from the scene and began looking about for the head, which till this day has not been found.

So now it is rumoured that the ghost of this unknown man continues to walk, or ride, Ghost Road in search of his missing head.

This road has been an attraction to people, mostly teenagers, for years, myself included.

A few years back, myself and a few friends finally took up the challenge and made our way out to Ghost Road. After about 2 hours and a 2-4 of beer we finally saw something moving down the middle of the road. It was a bright light, like that on a motorcycle. Also we began hearing noises, strange thumpings, muffled groans and heart stopping screams, well mingled with our own of course.

Although it was the middle of the night, the moon was full and bright and washed over the area with a white brilliance. We could make out many shadowy shapes looming all around us. And when they started to move, well let's just say I've never ran faster in my life.

So if you ever venture to Ontario, Canada, check out Port Perry and go visit Ghost Road. I'm sure you'll recieve a warm welcome.

Kristina Potter, Ontario, Canada
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