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Ghost Town

Christina, Missouri, USA
January 2001

I was told that we were going on a tour of an abandoned ghost town. I found out this was a small stretch of the truth.

We met at a local gas station and we had a group of 6. I figured we were meeting the rest of the people there. We parked our cars in a grade school lot, and the guy who was our "leader", Chad, said this was it. I figured he meant the woods. I was right and we began our trek into the woods. About 30 feet into the woods we saw a piece of loose leaf paper on the ground. When we looked at it we saw the name "Britney" and some multiplication tables written on it. I already wanted to turn back and so did the other girl. She was supposedly psychic. The guys talked us into going on.

We walked through the icy cold of the November night. We saw our first building coming into sight. It was an old horse barn. There was no sign that there had ever been electricity in it. We smelled the undeniable scent of fresh horse manure and fresh hay. It was creepy and again the girls wanted to turn around but we were talked into going on. Then we began to hear what we thought were voices and the fall of footsteps. We saw a sign posted on a tree and stopped to read it. It said "Land Protected By Ground Spikes: Leasee and Leaser Not Responsible For Damages" None of us knew what ground spikes were so we just walked carefully. In the distance we saw something else white and figured it was another sign until we got closer. It appeared to be someone covered in a sheet and hung in a tree. Everyone wanted to leave, but I said, "We made it this far in the freezing, I'm not leaving till I see this ghost town!" They finally agreed and we continued.

We walked past a lake and our "leader" said it was right over the hill. About a minute later, we saw it. The town was made of 2 houses, a chapel, and a prison house. To our left, we saw an old fence. Chad said there used to be a house there, but there appeared to be just a fence. We went up to the chapel first and Chad was disappointed because there had been pews, statues of Joan of Arc, and a statue of Mary. The place was completely scrapped except for in the corner was something that looked like shattered bones and dry blood. I didn't say anything. Then we walked to a house and it was nothing special. Our next stop was the prison.

It was just a one cell prison, and that was all. My boyfriend went inside the cell, and I was tired so I rested my hand on what should have been ice cold steel bars, but instead it was so hot it almost burned. I wanted to leave so I said I was getting short of breath. He just mentioned that all the headstones in the cemetery were marked that the person had died in 1774. We began leaving and my boyfriend shined a flashlight at where the house had "been". We saw the burnt remains of what had been probably a two-story house. Beside it was a very shallow well. We looked in it and saw a modern day machete with a plastic handle. We took off at a pretty fast pace. As I took one last glance, I saw a pair of red shining eyes watching us leave. Suddenly, we began hearing voices again when we were about 100 feet from our cars. Chad started screaming down the hill, "Get out here you pussy, quit hiding. I'm gonna kick your a**" There was no reply, but at the top of the hill the "psychic girl" and me saw what looked like headlights from a car, and they weren't moving. No one but us could see it. We proceeded to see the lights dim slowly and it appeared that the person in the vehicle got out and lit his lighter and then lit a cigarette. We turned off the flash lights and ran to our cars. When we got to our cars, we were all shaking with fear. I'm not sure what happened in that old town, but I'm sure it's something way out of the ordinary. Whenever we drive anywhere near that place I get a strange feeling that someone or something is watching us and waiting for our return. I don't want to go back, but something in my conscience wants me to return to the deserted, haunted town that I like to think was an old witch village.

Christina, Missouri, USA
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