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Ghost Under The Bed

Fesan, Guam
October 2005

In the 70's we used to stay in the village of Asan. Asan was the place where the us marines arrived and liberated Guam from the Japanese occupation in 1945. Well this is my story.

I remembered as a kid playing with my younger cousins the game of hide n'seek. We all lived in a two story apartment on the top of the hill overlooking Asan. And this was before they built a housing area, so it was mostly trees and bushes surrounding our home.

My family occupied the bottom and my cousins, the top. We were playing and my cousin Steve was "it". He goes up to his apartment to look for us because he said he cheated a bit and took a peek and saw some of us enter the apartment. He goes into one of the bedrooms, and checks the closets and then the beds. He looked under one of the beds and was freaked out because who does he find there? He said he saw a uniformed imperial Japanese soldier looking at him. So he runs down yelling and all of us wonder what was going on. He kept saying there is a Japanese man in the bedroom hiding under the bed. Of course we all ran up to check, but found no one there at all. We checked everywhere, rooms, beds, closets, the whole apartment. So we started to tease him because we thought he was lying about it. But the look and the way he acted, convinced us to stop and believe him.

Other things also happened to other family members.

I was once laying next to my father and something or someone tickled my foot. I didn't see anyone but I could remember it felt like someone with long fingernails. My mom was in the kitchen, when she felt her hair stand up and someone unseen whistling at her. This was about 1 am in the morning. She also mentioned that when I was a baby, they would put me in my crib crying, then notice I was laughing at someone at the window, late in the evening! My aunty would be in her kitchen and hear some calling up to her in a low voice, "asin, asin" (salt, salt). So she threw some salt down and it stopped. Weird huh, who would want salt and for what, unless they were out of salt to season something I don't know. I guess all of these things happened because during the war many had died and they still would not know if the bones of the departed are still buried, to be found or never be found at all. When they started the housing project a couple years later when installing underground sewage pipes, they found human remains. Many things happened to us there but I guess that will be in another story.

Thanks for reading!

Fesan, Guam
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