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Ghost With No Eyes

Crystal, North Carolina, USA
November 1999

When I was a little girl, my aunt and uncle moved into an old, two-story house and I stayed the night with my cousin. The house was so big that they didn't use the second floor, so my cousin and I had a toy room up there.

We were up there playing and I was standing in front of the door, he was directly in front of me with the window behind him. I didn't hear anything, but I happened to look at my cousin and he was pale and his eyes was huge. He said Crystal turn around and I did and I saw a man. He was totally gray and I could see the wall behind him. He had on overalls and I looked at his face and his eyes were just black holes, and he was reaching out for me. I turned around to run, and the window was open and my cousin was gone. I looked out the window and he was on the ground moaning (from the jump, he broke his collar bone and his right arm). Out of the window was a sill that allowed you to walk around the house, so I climbed out of the window and was getting ready to jump when my aunt grabbed me by the arms. I started screaming and hitting her until I realized who it was. Then I pointed to my cousin who was out cold by this time. She started screaming and ran out and left me there. I stayed on the sill until my uncle came and got me.

That was the first day that they had stayed in the house and after that they heard all kinds of noises, things would get thrown acoss the room, and the lights would turn off and on. They stayed there less than a week. Years later I asked my aunt how did she get uo there to us so fast, she said she was in the kitchen cooking and she heard a huge noise that sounded like one of us kids had fell down the stairs, so she ran up there to check on us. My cousin and I never heard any such sound.

Crystal, North Carolina, USA
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