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Ghostly Answering Service

Clare, UK
December 2003

3years ago, during an Easter break, myself and 5 friends decided, to make use of, an old family holiday cottage in North Wales (UK) for the week. The cottage is situated in the Snowdonian Mountains and is fairly isolated, being a good 20 mins drive to the nearest neighbour and town.

The cottage itself, was owned by one of the groups' parents who now lived abroad. There was no cleaner or caretaker to look after the property between visiting guests and as a result was fairly cold and dusty when we arrived, although, this is to be expected of a 200 year old stone property.

We had been there for 4 days and decided to take a trip to a local beauty spot and treat ourselves to lunch at a small pub in the area. Halfway through our meal we looked up to see some other friends of ours arrive at our table and join us.
This surprised us as we had no idea that they were in the area and we told them that we couldn't believe the coincidence of them coming into the same pub at the same time as us. What they said next still sends shivers down by back.
They informed us that they knew we would be having lunch here as they has driven up to the farmhouse, and the old lady who had opened the door had informed them where we were and even what one of the group was wearing so that they could keep an eye out for us! Of course there was no one else at the cottage, we had the only set of keys and there was no hired cleaner or caretaker to look after the building. Whoever answered the door wasn't an invited guest!

Needless to say we spent the remaining two days out of the cottage as much as possible and slept with all the lights on.
We never found any information as to who this woman had been.

Clare, UK
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