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Ghostly Aunt?

Rachael, Lancashire, England
October 2010

I have previously submitted a Story to CoS before, talking about happenings around my house that only seem to focus on me. Lately though whilst having a talk with my family I have found out some interesting information about the ghostly occurrences I didn't beforehand and wanted to share this new found knowledge.

As I said before a lot of strange things happen to me, and always seem to focus on me until a few years ago when everything calmed down. Turns out that all this it to do with my mother's aunt.

When my family first moved into this house we never had a conservatory so I don't understand why the "Aunt Ghost" had such an attraction to it. But after it was built we would ALWAYS keep the patio doors leading to the conservatory closed and locked, only to be opened when we wanted to either store drinks (Beer/Pop) for Christmas or if my mother was doing some washing and wanted to use the maidens that we also stored in the conservatory.

However in the mornings me and my sister would find that our pop and bottles of wine etc. had been moved around. We thought that maybe our mother had been cleaning or something and never really paid much attention to it, that was until one day coming down we found all our furniture moved around in the conservatory! I knew about this happening but I never knew what my mother did afterwards, the story I found out only last week!

Me, my sister and mother were talking about ghostly stuff in our house with my sister's friends, when my mother said that back when the stuff was happening in the conservatory she believed it to be her aunt. So she went in there alone and closed the door and told her aunt to leave us alone as it was scaring me and my sister. Then my mother went out and bought two small angel statues that she placed in the conservatory. After that nothing ever happened in the conservatory again! The angel statues are still there to this day, may I add. I must also state that even though the happenings stopped in the conservatory, the angels didn't stop any of the ghostly stuff from happening in the rest of the house!

Strange things still happen now again, such as not long ago, me and my boyfriend were downstairs playing Monopoly. My phone had been near me all night on the fireplace. We had a lovely evening and I packed my Monopoly up as my boyfriend went home. It was only after he had left that I realized my phone was missing! No one else had been in the house and I couldn't understand where it had gone from the fireplace!
I was searching for almost an hour when my mother and sister came home and they decided to look whilst I went upstairs to my pc to message my bf in case he knew where it was. He replied saying he didn't know and I got a bit upset as it's my phone, something I use a lot EVERY DAY!

I decided to go to bed and try again tomorrow, when about another hour later my mother came up saying the phone was under the DVD player! I never use the DVD player downstairs as not only is it broken but I always watch DVDs on my HDTV upstairs anyway! So how on earth could it end up UNDER the DVD player?
My mother says my Aunt was a prankster of sorts and liked playing tricks on people, that would explain hiding my phone and moving things around, as well as some other strange stuff that goes on here.

Rachael, Lancashire, England
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