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Ghostly Big Brother

K. Deters, IL, USA
May 2002

I apologize now if this story appears to be quite long, but it is the most unique experiences I have ever encountered and every part of it is true?

To begin, I very much believe in spirits that still linger, but my husband, on the other hand, does not, or should I say, did not until December 1992.

We were renting an upstairs apartment of a home that was well over 100 years old and we loved it. After being there 4 months, I became pregnant and due in December. At that point, very strange but yet awesome things were starting to happen and if you are patient, the story at the end is the kicker...

One evening, my husband was out and I was about 5 months along wasting the night watching TV. When we moved into the apartment, I had placed a motion-detected wreath on our outside door, which was inside the house on an enclosed staircase. When light or movement hit the sensor, it would play a short music piece to let us know when someone was at our door or if the staircase light had been turned on. Anyway, I was enjoying the TV when the wreath went off and the music started to play. I got up and opened the door to check the staircase, but all was dark and no one was there. I didn't think much of it and went and sat back down. I now sooner had settled in and the music went off again. I got back up, checked again, and found nothing. My curiosity was up so I decided to sit in the dark stairwell to see if maybe lights from the street were coming in through the door and reflecting up somehow to the wreath. About a dozen cars passed from each way and never once did the music start. I got back up, turned on the stairwell light just in case, and went back in to watch TV. Again as soon as I sat down the music started. This time my heart was racing. I went over to the door quietly and opened it as fast as I could hoping to catch something in the act. Nothing. I took out the batteries in the wreath and went back inside. I decided that if the wreath went off again without the batteries, I was leaving. But it didn' remained silent.

The second instance brought in my husband's interest. We were sleeping and I woke up thinking someone was in the room. Everything was dark so I closed my eyes to try to fall asleep. I then felt someone pat the top of my head ever so softly. I opened my eyes again and saw nothing. I woke up my husband and asked him if he had tried waking me. He was a little peeved with me and replied no. I rolled over on my back and my left hand was hanging over the side of the bed. I felt my wedding ring slide off my finger all by itself and I heard it land on the floor. I sat up, turned on the light, and started shaking my husband awake. I was panicked ? he thought I was crazy. At this point, he was very irritated with me as I asked him to help me look for the ring because I knew it had to be on the floor.

Both of us were on our knees crawling under the bed with a flashlight, but no luck. The ring was nowhere to be found. We even whipped up the covers, pulled back the sheets looking for it, and found nothing. I told him that I was sure it hit the floor because I heard it. We both went back down to look under the bed and we heard something hit the mattress. Simultaneously, we sat back up, looked up and there was my wedding ring, setting where I sleep. At that point, my husband was becoming a believer.

After I had our son, we kept him in our room for 6 weeks and then we moved his bed to another bedroom. Since he was quite the night owl and was up several times during the night, we had on a baby monitor to hear his every move and in being a nervous, first-time mom, I had the volume cranked. One particular night, I was exhausted and about 3:00 am, I heard my son start to cry. In my head, I was hoping that my husband would get up and check on him. I heard footsteps from the monitor followed by a gently patting. I was comforted picturing my husband patting the back of our son as he went back to sleep. I rolled over to get some sleep and saw my husband lying in bed with his eyes huge as saucers. I sat up and said, "I thought that was you." He replied that he thought it was me! We were both frozen ? I was so stunned I couldn't move. I think we were both in awe. The patting become slower and softer as our son settled down and as soon as the patting ceased, we jumped up, ran to his room, and looked into his bed. There he was, rolled onto his side (I preferred him sleeping on his side) with the blankets straightened over him and pulled up to his chin, peacefully sleeping. I can't explain it ? I wasn't fearful, just very curious and for some reason, comforted. I even told my grandmother about it the next day and she informed me that the house we were living in was the home of the first town doctor ? over 100 years ago. His office was located in the downstairs.

We moved out when my son was 6 months old and soon after I visited a psychic. She had told me that the spirit of a little boy had been attracted to our family ? he found comfort in the love between my son and me. The psychic even told me that he physically tried to get my attention one night by playing with my hair while I slept. She also said that he has moved on and found peace because of our son.

K. Deters, IL, USA
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