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Ghostly Cat

ACT, Australia
May 1999

After posting last month I was reminded by my wife of another 'ghostly' experience we experienced many years ago when first married. This is in all essence a very simple and ultimately irrelevant sort of tale.

We rented an old house in Canberra that had three bedrooms, a dining room and a lounge room. The house itself was very small but had a small hall way that led from the lounge room up to our bedroom. There were no other rooms or doors off this small hallway and whilst sitting in the lounge room not even a mouse could run into, or from the hall way without being noticed. We had a few mice at one stage and we used to catch them by closing the bedroom door and waiting till one ran up the hallway, then it was simply a case of walking into the hall way with a towel and throwing it over the mouse.

As it was, one night in winter, not late as I recall, we were sitting watching TV when my wife let out an exclamation and said something along the lines of, 'there's a cat in the house. How did it get in?' I looked over to the hallway entrance and sure enough there sat a very large white 'puffy' looking cat. The cat simply wandered off down the hall way and both of us leapt up and followed. However, looking down the hallway there was no sign of the cat. The bedroom door was closed, remembering it was winter and we used to only warm one room in the house, the lounge room. Puzzled we checked our room anyway but found no sign of it. Still puzzled we checked the whole house and found all the windows and doors closed, as we did in winter. However, no cat, it had, it would appear, vanished into thin air. My wife commented that she thought the cat seemed to glide rather than walk, whatever, there was simply no way the cat could have gone anywhere, and yet it was not there.

A very simple and straight to the point story but as a postscript we later had a fire in our children's room very early one morning, that same winter. My wife claims she was woken by something landing with a thud on her chest and then moving around. She assumed it was me but at the time I was working early mornings and was in the shower. She got up and walked out to find the kids room ablaze. Together we managed to control it and get the kids out until the Fire Brigade arrived and mopped it up. Apparently another minute and the ceiling would have gone up and with it the whole house. No one was injured and we never heard of felt the presence of the cat again although we moved out soon after the fire. Makes you wonder sometimes, especially as I don't particularly like cats....

Later I may retell some of my wife's experiences, hers, unlike mine, are much darker and seemed to have some sort of evil intent about them. But first I'll have to ask her as they really did frighten her. (At the height of these experiences, dark, sponge like humanish apparitions were constantly appearing at night, until one night, after another harrowing experience, she saw what she believed was an angel. The apparitions became less frequent after that and now she believes she can control them. Do I believe her? Yes, I saw two of these black figures at the end of our bed myself and was absolutely terrified. But that maybe for another day as it will take a lot of retelling to understand.

ACT, Australia
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