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Ghostly Cats

Norma Miller, West Virginia, USA
June 2004

From the years 1986-89 we lived in a 100 year old house in East Lynn WV.

About a month after moving in, my husband asked me if I had noticed some small animals running in the house?. Well I had, they looked kind of like cats and they would appear out of nowhere, drift around and disappear behind furniture. If you approached them they moved very fast and when you would look where they hid, there was nothing there.

My two sons saw them too, the oldest one was always trying to build traps to catch the 'dark kitties' in.

My youngest son was only two when he first noticed them. He was sitting on my lap in the rocking chair one day when one of these things appeared. It drifted across the room, passed by us and I saw it disappear in the kitchen doorway. Dana saw it and exclaimed 'A doggie'! as he called all animals doggies.

We lived there for about three years and we saw them regularly, they were always only one seen at a time, or maybe there was only one, but I always had the feeling there were a lot of them and they were always dark brown and never clearly defined.

They seemed to drift or float, usually staying near the walls but sometimes they would drift right down the middle of a room. No matter how fast you were they were always faster and they seemed to be teasing the way they'd let you see them and then disappear.

We weren't frightened by them and they never seemed evil or scary, they were more entertaining than anything. Also I feel its important to note that we did not own a cat for the first two years we lived there nor did any of the neighbors. When we did get a cat she was solid black and looked nothing like our blurry vistors.The only other pet we had was a large mixed breed dog, no way we could have mistaken him for the small creatures we saw drifting about. We also never saw them outside or in the storage building.

Since nobody had lived in this house for three years before we moved in and the lady who owned it was in a nursing home and unable to see visitors except family, it was hard to get any information on the house's history. All I could find was that it was one of the oldest homes in East Lynn and it was built by early coal miners. In fact, it was built into a rock cliff, the back of the house was rock and joined to the hill its on. Thats why we moved, water was starting to run down the walls when it rained hard.

Since then I've read of similar things happening and some things about rocks and underground water being portals.

Norma Miller, West Virginia, USA
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