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Ghostly Communications

Angie Esposita, New Jersey, USA
July 1998

Itruly believe that deceased people can contact the living and try and make communications with them. It has happened to me on a number of occasions. Most recently, my fiance rented an apartment nearby my home. A couple of weeks ago, I had a very bad day being upset about my unemployment and other financial worries, and stayed overnight at my fiance's apartment. I went home to get my overnight belongings and returned back to the apartment. This apartment was a home many years ago and was turned into four apartments, so I had to walk up a long flight of stairs inside to reach my fiance's dwelling. As I walked through the door it was very dark and since it was around 11:30 p.m., I assumed my husband-to-be was sound asleep. I immediately retreated to the bedroom to sleep next to him and sleep my cares of the day away. A couple of minutes went by and I needed to use the bathroom. Being very quiet not to wake my fiance, I walked to the bathroom. To get to the bathroom you have to walk through one room and past the kitchen which is the first thing you see as you enter the front door. Then there is the bathroom. When I was done I went right back to bed. As I laid back down to sleep, I stopped and realized that the light in the kitchen was on! No one had left the bedroom but me, and I suddenly had the feeling that someone was watching over me who knew I was having trouble in my life. It was scary but a very calming experience.

There have also been times where the doorbell has rang at the same apartment and no one was at the door. My fiance's parents just sold their home, and we helped them move. Another very true story. I always felt uneasy in the house. My fiance told me that sometimes when he would sleep over at the house, the phone would ring at the same time every night around 2 a.m. Not a full ring, just a quick beep. I found out last weekend that there was a handicapped man that had committed suicide in the house! My fiance's mother moved from that house with her new husband to another home where the tv changes stations on its own! Is all this just coincidental ghostly happenings, or her deceased husband following her? Maybe he is watching over me and my fiance? If not something is and I want to know who it is.

Angie Esposita, New Jersey, USA
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