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Ghostly Date

August 2007

I’ve always believed that my house has been somewhat haunted. There had only been a few times odd things would happen. It would just be your typical odd sound that you would blame on the dog or cat, or a feeling of being watched that you would explain by being paranoid.

I’ve had people tell me my house was haunted, and tell me something that had happened to them. It never bothered me, because I wasn’t the one to experience it. I never wanted to, to be honest. I love the thrill of a good ghost story, but when it’s happening to me.. Forget it. I get scared incredibly easily.

A couple months ago (June 8th to be exact), one of my best friends/ ex boyfriend passed away. It really broke my heart, because he was living in another state, but he was so excited because he was supposed to be coming back home in a few weeks. He was more excited to see me, and wanted another chance to be with me. I am pregnant, and myself and the father of the baby were on not-so-good of terms. Mike was always very protective of me, and hated it when I was hurt or sad. In any case, shortly after Mike died things started happening in my house.

Mostly it would happen when the father of my child was here, because he was still friends with my brother. The most bizarre thing that happened was my brother and his friends (including the father of my child) were all sitting in the basement on my birthday. They suddenly heard what sounded like me screaming bloody murder! They ran upstairs to make sure I was okay, and sure enough I was fast asleep. Stunned by this, they went back into the basement. Some of my brother’s friends left, a little shaken by this, but my brother and Jake (the father of my baby) still stayed downstairs. They were just sitting and talking when all of a sudden a closed can of soda went flying across the room and exploded mid air.

A few weeks went by after that, and Jake and I started talking again. Last week Monday ( the 31st of July) I was laying in bed trying to sleep. It was about 4:30 in the morning, and my dog started barking like she was crazy. She suddenly stopped, and I looked out the window, and noticed the sun was coming up. I went to fall back asleep and I felt my covers being moved on me, like when someone is tucking you into bed. I froze with fear, and then I heard someone crying. My eyes went wide, and I felt my bed sink in as if someone was laying next to me, and then I felt someone hold me. It only lasted for a little bit, but it genuinely scared me a lot.
What was even weirder was Jake told me that afternoon, before I told him my story was he was going down to the basement to say bye to my brother and his friends, when he felt someone pulling at him by the back of the shirt. I think back on this, and I truly believe it was Mike. I know it was meant to be as a comforting gesture from him, but it’s not everyday you get cuddled by a crying ghost.

I’m a bit more okay with it now than I was. I just want Mike to be at peace, and know I’m okay and actually happy with my life.

I've never really been a believer of ghostly activity or anything like that. Not until the experience I had a couple years ago, which still haunts me to this day.

It was Prom night and I was running late. My ride couldn't come and I had to walk to my school. The school wasn't really that far from where I lived. So I thought it wouldn't take to long to get there. On my way I decided to take the short cut I usually take when I'm coming back home. It was a quick path through the woods, which led to the back of my school. Knowing how late I was running I took my chances and went.

As I was walking I felt a little uneasy. Like I was being watched within the trees I felt as if someone's eyes just kept staring my every move. I thought maybe I was just being paranoid. These things tend to happen when you're walking alone in the dark I thought. So I didn't pay much attention to it.

As I kept walking I heard footsteps coming back from behind me. I felt this cold chill come through the back of my spine and I stood there frozen in fear. It was like my whole body was paralyzed, I couldn't move at all. Goosebumps were all over arms and the hairs in the back of my neck stood straight up. I felt like my whole body just shut down. All I could hear were the footsteps coming form behind me, getting closer and closer. I finally had the courage to look back and see who it was. I turned my head around only to find a girl.

She had long blonde hair and looked about my age. Her skin was pale as the moonlight and her eyes seemed to be black as the night sky, as if they didn't have any life in them whatsoever. Just one look at her sent shivers down my back.

Though I've never seen her before I didn't really pay much attention to the stranger and kept on walking. I quickened my pace a little, for some reason my body was telling me that it wanted to stay away from her at all cost.

The school was in view now and I felt relief, I slowed down and started walking. Then I heard the footsteps again, and stopped completely. I looked back and saw the same girl again only staring back at me with her midnight dark eyes. I started to walk faster, only to hear her pace quicken too. My heart started racing now, and started to think "is she following me?!" I started jogging a bit and saw myself closer to the school. I turned back to see if she was still there and saw that the girl was jogging right behind me. I was totally scared now, and was wondering why she was following me. I thought that maybe I was being a little paranoid and that she just happened to be going my way. There was only one way to be sure? I started running as fast as I could (I was in the school track team and was the leading champion, so there was no way she could catch up to me) I knew I had lost her for sure, as I was running I turned back only to see her right behind me running at the same pace I was running at. I thought it couldn't be possible for a girl to run at my speed. I screamed at her "leave me alone!!! Stop following me!!!" and kept running.

She only gave me a devilish smile and kept staring at me with her never ending black eyes. Sweat was pouring down my forehead now. I finally reached the school entrance and ran inside.

Everyone was in the gymnasium, dancing and having a good time. I ran inside and my date was wondering why I was so late. I explained that my suit was still at the cleaners and that's why I didn't make it early. I didn't for one second wanted to tell her about the girl that was chasing me. She would have thought I was insane, I looked back and saw the girl standing in the middle of the crowd. She just stood there staring at me, I wondered if anyone else had noticed her. Apparently not because they all kept on dancing and enjoying themselves. I made my way across the gymnasium, to try & get away from her. I looked back and I saw her following me. I started to run and dodge people along the way. I decided to go to the men's room that's the only place I could go that she couldn't follow.

As I ran out of the gym I saw the school hallway, it was dark except for one of the lights turned on in the middle of the area. It gave the hallway and eerie feeling, I looked back to see if she was there. Of course she was, she always was. I ran towards the men's room my heart beating faster and faster. I started to push the door but it wouldn't budge! I felt like my heart was stabbed with a dagger. Slowly, cold sweat drops fell across my face, I slowly looked back? In a blink of an eye she moved from down the hallway straight up to my face! I've never seen such speed, it wasn't even human. I tried to scream but it felt like my throat was completely dry, I couldn't even force any type of sound out of my mouth whatsoever. I fell back and just stood there, my whole body felt paralyzed. She leaned down and started at me with her dark eyes as if stealing my soul with them. I felt my body completely shut down at that moment. Then the hallway went extremely cold, like below freezing. I could even see my own breath; she slowly reached her hand towards my face, and gently moved her hand across my cheek. I felt a slight chill go down my spine, then in a blink of an eye she was gone?

Never again did I see that girl... and I wonder if I ever will.

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