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Ghostly Encounters

NSW, Australia
December 2007

When we lived in Canberra 1990 we rented a house that I felt had a presence. My children always said they saw something walking around at night , a shadowy figure of a man. My daughter always complained at age 4 that her bed shook at night, yet nothing happened if I shared a night with her to calm her to sleep.

One day when I looked into our dining room I saw a transparent figure that looked like the creature in those predator movies, creepy! You know, all cubic and transparent like glass.

We had a psychic visit our 4 year old and she told us that an earth bound spirit had attached itself to her. It never showed up again.

The second encounter was when we moved back to Sydney. We rented again and from day one I had felt, saw and heard footsteps walking up the stairs all night but no one was there.
Once again my children said they saw a figure as well as my 3 year old son told me a big black dog would sleep beside his bed. We had a dog but it slept out in the yard.

My friend said she did not like being downstairs because she sad someone had died in the house.

I always felt no fear until one morning when I was cleaning the room and I actually felt an icy cold body of air fly over my head. It was in a closed room with no wind. Even the birds we had freaked out and the cat ran away. I decided to tell the spirit that if this was its home they could share it with us, but it had to behave or I would have it removed.

Life settled down.

One afternoon my neighbor was chatting to me and told me about the ghost that was seen in our house, in fact the previous tenants were so scared that they moved out. She told me how one night her hubby was outside and he saw a man walking up the road in a grey work coat and just vanished.
Coloured orbs were seen with the naked eye as well as the bedroom lights would switch on and off. I would switch them back on to see them physically switch off again.

We now live in Queensland and I feel another presence in this house. I think it is my cat sooty and my father-in-law who died 6 years ago.

I find it all interesting and i'm not afraid at all.

NSW, Australia
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